How it works?


By visiting our website, you will find a map on the home page to help you search for overnight places. You can choose from paid and free places: overnight in a tent (free), overnight under the roof (free), overnight under the roof (paid), overnight in a tent (paid). The map works in the same way as others. You can zoom and move with two fingers on touchscreen devices. On a desktop, navigate using a mouse. After you press the arrow symbol, the map will show places around you using GPS technology.

Main information

When you select a location, you will see more information: photo, title, description, address, phone number. Before heading to your chosen location, it is necessary to contact the local owner to discuss arrival details, whether the place is paid or free. Paid locations will have more information and photos (MORE INFO).


After the visit, you can leave a review for each location. You’ll find the place you visited. You can leave both a simple star rating or feedback. In case of a dispute, you will have to prove that you have been at this location. Reviews must be realistic.